Move Azure VM from one subscription to another

In this post we will see how we can move Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine from one subscription to another.

Tools you can use:
Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

I am assuming you are already familiar with the Azure admin tasks like creating disks, VMs etc.

Steps for moving Virtual Machines:
  • Stop the source Virtual Machine
  • Create a new storage account (classic) using the destination Azure subscription
  • Move VHDs from source storage account to destination storage account

    I used Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer and added both source & destination subscriptions to it. Explorer will show all storage accounts from connected subscription. Then you just need to copy the Blob container from the source storage and paste it to the destination storage account.
  • Create an Azure disk with the destination OS VHD you just copied. Use OS VHD at this point and you can add additional disks later.
  • Create the Virtual Machine using the disk from the last step.
The Virtual Machine is now running in the destination Azure subscription/storage account.

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